The NHS London Violence Reduction Programme was developed to shape how the NHS can support violence reduction to improve health and wellbeing at a population, community, and individual level. The programme works closely with system partners to lead on how the health system can better support violence reduction principles by identifying, developing and improving services to support those impacted by violence.

The Violence Reduction Academy (VRA) was established to identify, synthesise and promote evidence-based models of violence reduction in health and social care, supporting implementation across the capital and sharing the latest research. To do this there is a need for a clear and easily accessible source of health-related information that will support health and social care systems to embed and implement violence reduction evidence models into local practice.

The ethos of the Academy is to offer an open door to anyone interested in reducing violence and supporting those at risk with appropriate interventions. The Academy is not defined by professional hierarchies and welcomes a range of experiences, acknowledging that everyone can learn from each other. The Academy aims to galvanize colleagues from different sectors around the programme’s mission statement to reduce violence and improve wellbeing in our communities.